Peplum Love

Thanks to my friend @Mrtimchan for introducing me to the wonderful world of peplum!  Mr. Chan finally convinced me to explore the figure flattering world about a month ago.  I put money on the trend but it’s taken me some time to really take the plunge and rock peplum with pride.  Luckily @mrtimchan and founder of Corduroy magazine is a pleasantly pushy man.   He convinced me of what Kim Kardashian has known for some time, Peplum flatters and slims any and every figure by giving you a tiny waist and perfectly curved hips.

So here is my first attempt at peplum.  I’ve never had so many compliments in my life!  What do you think?  Have you already found your Peplum love?



I bought my peplum top and white zipper jacket at Addition-Elle. My pencil skirt is Voluptuous. Tights are from Hue, my fave brand!  And my shoes are from Torrid.

Thanks to my friend Arlene for taking my pic and @MrTimChan for styling me!


TBT – Teen swag


Way back in the day I thought I was really cool.  I don’t remember where I bought this dress but I’m pretty sure the store was in a mall.  I thought the dress was the best thing ever and I still own it!  It’s a size 6!  I have no words for the sweet sweet side swept leisure curl.  I have to pour one out for my mom who had professional portraits taken.

This is a Public Service Announcement


My mom always told me, “People take you and treat you the way you carry yourself”. She’ was West Indian so this totally makes sense to my friends of Caribbean heritage.  For those who are slightly confused here’s a translation, People judge you on how you look.  It’s sad but it’s totally true, this post has come up not because of that phrase but because of something I saw in the office today that reminded me of this phrase.

It all started with a young curvy 20 something at my doctor’s office.  She came in from outside looking totally polished, she looked great! Her coat, perfection, boots, sensible but totally stylish, hair, effortlessly pulled back, so far so good right?!  Cue to the patient taking off her perfect coat to reveal a totally wrinkled button down!  The shirt looked like it had been rolled up into a ball for the last week!  It was at that moment that she went from totally hip professional, to a sloppy, frumpy, FML kinda chick.  Such a shame.

The lesson in this mistake, If you don’t own an iron or like me, don’t know how to iron, wear and buy wrinkle free materials or find money in your budget to go to the dry cleaners remember, someone is always watching and people take you the way you carry yourself!



I totally envy girls with great accessories!  I wish I could rock trendy styles everyday without issue. Sadly, I have sensitive skin, so I wear silver and gold most of the time.   This brings me to my favourite accessory that doesn’t have to be silver or gold!  My hair!

I like changing my hair up and, while people don’t notice a couple of inches, last summer I thought I would do something drastic. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to go short and light brown and with blonde highlights.  Bad idea.  As much as I tried I couldn’t get down with it.  I even went to my friend’s wedding with this hair so now there is evidence.

Hair by: Nyiah Salon and Spa , Dress from Voluptuous Clothing  Bangles from Lane Bryant Silver Ball Earings from Tiffany & Co.