What’s Sexy?

There’s been a lot of talk the last few weeks about big girls in bikinis. From the new H&M ads featuring Jennie Runk to the Fatkini from Gabi Fresh everyone seems shocked that big girls would ever want to bare all and go to the beach!  Why is that?  Why is it so hard to believe that we could possibly want to be sexy?  Is it so unheard of that the plus size woman would actually enjoy doing things like swimming?  I’m repeating myself aren’t I?  Oops, there I go again with another question.

 I get that full-figured women might feel modest and want to cover up but the same goes for skinny girls.  I know plenty of skinny and average girls that wouldn’t wear a bikini but that doesn’t stop companies from making sexy suits for them.  The same should go for plus size girls. Times are changing people, let’s do this thing.  Let’s flaunt what we’ve got even if it isn’t the norm!  Thanks to Gabi and Jennie for showing that big girls are sexy, fashionable and ready for the beach no matter how big we might be.


Dress Where You Live!


The Beaconsfield

From time to time I get invited to fashion events in the city.  Today I had the chance to meet Mark Foreman, the owner and designer, of Address Apparel he’s also a part-time DJ!  Located in  Toronto, Mark has turned wearing a dress into showing pride from where you’re from.  Address Apparel is designed and made in Canada, Toronto to be specific, but the best part is every fabulous dress is named after the street it was inspired by!  Great right?! Even better, their fall 2013 line  has sizes ranging from a xs – XXL!  Click the link to see his spring 2013 collection.



I think this dress would be great for a cocktail party or black tie event.

High Park

I Would love this dress for work or drinks with the girls!


This is another great young professional work dress.


I think this dress would be the perfect work to party dress.  Am I pushing it?

This line totally has me wanting to do a Toronto tour to see how well the dress reflect the area.  I think I was meant for west end Toronto.  Who’s in?!  What do you think of this line?  Do you love it as much as I do?  The Beaconsfield is my favourite by far!

All photos courtesy of Address Apparel.  Photographer Regen Chen



Street Style: Summer BBQ Swag!

Welcome to another brick wall photo shoot!  Anyone who knows me,  knows I hate to wear shoes, so no shoes at the backyard bbq. People who know me also know that, I’m a sucker for a dress, this is one I couldn’t wait to rock!  I mean look at that face!  I do think I need to invest in some friendly to sensitive skin accessories though.  If you know where I can get some let me know and let me know your thoughts on the dress!

Clothing credit: Dress fr: Addition Elle

Abercrombie and Fitch pt. 2

A few posts ago I gave you my thoughts on the Abercrombie controversy.  Today I think I found the best blog response ever!  Check out Jes, The Militant Baker! Her open letter to Mr. Jeffries is awesome and so well crafted.  Jes totally managed to spin this whole controversy into something positive for herself and those without a voice.  I’m sure it was posts like these that made Mr. Jeffries issue this.