Pedi Love!: A Curves And Cake Review


Have you seen the commercial for the new micr o pedi?  I have so, being the sucker advertising that I am, I decided to try it out.  It’s an easy way to give yourself a pedicure at home.  The handheld machine works like that cheese grater thing the spa ladies use to get rid of that dead skin on your feet with.  The big difference is there is no blade! cue the sounds of the angels!  The little hand-held wand basically sands all the dead skin off of your feet in seconds and leaves your feet really smooth and soft.  I’ve been using mine once a week for just over a month and I couldn’t be happier.  They also have a Micr o Pedi man if you’re boo could use a little buffing but isn’t quite into going to the spa.

I would have included a close up pic of my pedi but who wants to look at my feet?!  NOOOBODY!  You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Pedi Love!: A Curves And Cake Review

  1. scholl express pedi sainsburys

    Scholl Express Pedi hard skin remover leaves the skin feeling comfortable
    and smooth from the first use. This device is
    especially designed to permit the specialist removal of challenging pores and skin from your feet, right in ease
    and comfort of one’s very own residence.

    The epidermis about the feet was created to endure the everyday
    strain of having walks and standing upright.
    From time to time constant tension or rubbing from poor fitting boots or shoes may
    trigger hard pores and skin to build-up. Foot treatment for healthy toes is important;
    after all, they’re with you for a lifetime.

    Wonderfully and anatomically designed, the Scholl Express
    Pedi special roller surface is likely to make it effortless to successfully eradicate unattractive and often not comfortable really hard skin safely.
    Small microgranuals inlayed in on the Scholl Express Pedi roller,
    very carefully buff aside tough skin, without resorting to blades.

    To gain your personal professional-style home pedicure, just roll over the affected area with medium to
    gentle force motions; just replicate frequently for sleek and soft sensation toes.
    In addition, the Scholl Express Pedi is protected through a two years guarantee, and provided are 2x AA batteries so you may
    get to work getting rid of useless skin tissue immediately.

    For stunning, silky-soft skin take a look at the Scholl Express Pedi to revitalise your feet.

    The revolving head will get rid of unwanted, dry skin from toes quickly, thanks to
    mineral micro-grains embedded inside the head of the product.
    The Scholl Express Pedi is completely safe to use. There are no sharp edges or blades and it arrives full with a safety stop

    The Scholl Express Pedi is an all round professional skin care device.

    It’s so easy to use, brings about no pain and
    helps you get the specified outcomes of a perfect pedicure.
    For hygeine purposes, antimicrobial treatment will kill micro organism
    present on the roller head.

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