A Perfect 14?


I stumbled on this movie “A Perfect 14” online today.  I’m not sure what to think about it.  I love the new-found attention that plus size fashion and modelling is getting now, I feel like I’m a part of the club, but after watching the trailer I feel part cheerleader part fat basher. On the one hand, it’s fantastic to showcase women bigger than the norm as beautiful desirable beings.  On the other hand I’m looking at many of the women and thinking, they’re not that big, really,  A Perfect 14?  I wish.  Isn’t a 14 just average?   Am I a hater?  I don’t want to turn into one of those people who, because I’m bigger than a 14, acts like anything less than my size isn’t important.  I mean we’re all in this together, right?!  Who am I to say who is fat enough to represent the group?  I think my problem is that I feel like there isn’t enough of a representation of  the typical “plus size” woman.  It’s like even when plus size women are represented we’re represented by the version closest to largest example of the norm and with that comes the feeling that you’re still too big for this under served group that you belong to.  It’s a never-ending circle.

I’m still intrigued by the trailer and would love to see the film in its entirety.


What do you think?  Am I being an overly sensitive whiner?   Is there a such thing as being too small to be considered a big girl?



2 thoughts on “A Perfect 14?

  1. Hello hun! I’m one of the models featured and involved with the film and wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ve read similar concerns to yours and wanted to let you know that this film will feature models and people of all shapes and sizes, including those over a size 14. (For example Tess Munster is one of the gorgeous women who shared her thoughts on camera for us). I’d like to add that it’s extremely hard to take all the footage and turn it in to a few minutes trailer. The editor and producer did the best they could. It’s gonna be hard to satisfy everyone but we hope at the very least this is a step in the right direction and something refreshing and inspiring amidst all the diet themed documentaries that flood the market. I certainly hope you’ll give the finished film a try ^.^

    Xx K.D

    • Thanks for reading. As a full time television producer I know how hard it can be to satisfy the masses. I’m excited to see the finished project. Sometimes one just needs to rant about the bigger picture really. Congrats on the film.

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