Falling For Fall Previews!



Hi Friends!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s summer, “why on earth are you talking about Fall?!”  Listen, it’s August,  if I’m struggling to find a new maxi dress it’s time to think about the cozy sweaters I will be wearing in just over a months time.  I recently had the chance to check out the fall collection from Addition Elle and I’m excited! Here’s a look at my must have pieces for fall!



I must have this Camo jacket.  My friend @MrTimChan will approve this purchase for sure he’s been on me for over a year to get one.  I think this is it!  Loves it!

14619661921_e07a0fd84b_nI love dresses and this little number has sweetness written all over it!  I can’t wait to have it!  I think I will wear it while crunching leaves on the city streets in some new boots!  Oh ya, I’m a city girl now!  



I love everything about this outfit.  I will probably steal the whole look for myself and I won’t feel bad about it!  I can see myself sipping tea in this one while in the park watching the dogs play.



I’m such a sucker for black and white!  I can’t help it.  It’s black, it’s white, it’s mine!



I. LOVE, THIS. JACKET!  My heart hurt leaving it at the preview.  It’s a must must have!  I’ve already planned the boots, pants and shirt to wear with it!


These are my top 5 must have looks from Addition Elle for fall!  What do you think?  What are some of your must haves for fall?  Let me know in the comments!  Better yet, send me you #OOTD pics at curvesandcake@gmail.com and I’ll post them so we can all marvel at your fashion brilliance!

A Perfect 14?


I stumbled on this movie “A Perfect 14” online today.  I’m not sure what to think about it.  I love the new-found attention that plus size fashion and modelling is getting now, I feel like I’m a part of the club, but after watching the trailer I feel part cheerleader part fat basher. On the one hand, it’s fantastic to showcase women bigger than the norm as beautiful desirable beings.  On the other hand I’m looking at many of the women and thinking, they’re not that big, really,  A Perfect 14?  I wish.  Isn’t a 14 just average?   Am I a hater?  I don’t want to turn into one of those people who, because I’m bigger than a 14, acts like anything less than my size isn’t important.  I mean we’re all in this together, right?!  Who am I to say who is fat enough to represent the group?  I think my problem is that I feel like there isn’t enough of a representation of  the typical “plus size” woman.  It’s like even when plus size women are represented we’re represented by the version closest to largest example of the norm and with that comes the feeling that you’re still too big for this under served group that you belong to.  It’s a never-ending circle.

I’m still intrigued by the trailer and would love to see the film in its entirety.


What do you think?  Am I being an overly sensitive whiner?   Is there a such thing as being too small to be considered a big girl?



Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant


 Last night I watched the new Isabel Toledo collection for Lane Bryant, go down the runway, and  I think I’ve reached the age where I have a true appreciation for the sophisticated.  Just about everything I saw, I actually saw myself wearing these clothes and I was surprised.  There was a time when the only time I wore something remotely fancy was to a wedding or a funeral and both were few and far between. Now I’m watching this gorgeous collection thinking, I can wear that to work, that to dinner and that to a patio! What I really liked about the collection was that it was clean.  Floral’s were kept to a minimum and the color palette was pretty much, black and white, my favourite!  I can’t wait to start shopping.

If you didn’t catch the show.  Check the link below.  Let me know what you think about the collection in the comments.  Special shout out to all  the models, including my fave Ashley Graham, and especially the one that fell multiple times during her walk.  It was nice to see all of her fellow models come to help her getting back to the end of the runway.

Isabel Toledo For Lane Bryant




An Evening With Ashley Graham Pt. 2: Fan girl!


Hey y’all!  Hopefully you’ve read part one, now for a recap of my evening with Ashley Graham!  I will try to give you a full play by-play but I’m not sure my words will really do the evening justice.

After a long day of promotion, press and bloggers were invited to a media dinner with Ashley Graham at Toca restaurant inside the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel.  I was a total fan girl and arrived early, obviously!  I was greeted by a rep from Addition Elle and Ashley.  #SheWon!  Ashley was lovely, offered to take my jacket, as if, and we proceeded to grab a glass of wine.  Ashley was warm and welcoming and the evening slowly turned into what felt like an intimate dinner with friends, only a lot of us didn’t know each other and our host was a supermodel, who, by the way,  greeted each of her guests at they arrived.


Ashley thanking everyone for attending and their support of her new line.

As we sat down to dinner, everyone got to know each other and chat.  Ashley did the rounds and even took a few pictures while appetizers were served.  Total class act.  Once everyone was seated, Ashley thanked all of us for coming and a request to open a little gift from our host!


It’s a cup case for your bras to prevent damage while travelling. Brilliant!

As dinner started we chatted about everything!  We met Ashley’s husband, she told us about growing up, her neighborhood, her family and SHE asked US tons of questions.  She doesn’t like the term, Plus Size, Fatkini or Plus Size Model.  She eats burgers, she does Bar and yoga and appreciates a good sale!  Models, they’re just like us! Had I not known better, I really would have thought everyone had known each other for years.  As a member of the media we all know these types of events can be a drag, the “host” is being paid and this is part of the gig.  “Hosts” usually leave early,  Ashley was present and stayed present the entire time.  What made this different was how personal the dinner was.  Everything about it felt real.  There was a certain comfort and familiarity about the whole thing.  By desert we were all being really open and when Ashley asked me what size bra I wore I just blurted it out!  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for me, I don’t talk about those things with anyone who hasn’t known me for at least 5 years!  And with that, I put on my big girl panties and asked for a picture.


Me and Ashley Graham. This is actually pre posing lesson!

Yes!  You read that right, I got a lesson in posing!  I’ll show you that pic in a sec.  We tried to take a picture a few times and then we took this one which I immediately hated!  “Eww, my belly!” came flying out of my mouth and without missing a beat, this supermodel told me not to be crazy and if it really bothered me to follow her trick!  Are you ready for it?  Here it is – Hips back, chin out and down.  It actually works!


Hips back, chin out and down.

In the end, I actually like the first picture more, it’s brighter and I don’t look like a crazy stalker.  I also met blogger Karyn Johnson.  She was one of my first twitter followers when I started this blog!  She was super nice.


Me and fashion blogger Karyn Johnson a.k.a. Killer Kurves

I guess I need to give some closing thoughts on this night.  It really was wonderful.  Ashley totally lived up to what I imagined she would be like.  She’s that girl every guy would die to be with, total smoke show.  She’s also the girl who you would want as the BFF you go to Europe with.  As I was leaving she wished me well and told me she was happy she met ME!  I nearly died and that’s when I went into full level 5 fan girl and spilled that I had been a fan of hers forever and was so excited she not only lived up to, but blew away, every expectation I had of her.

CLOTHING CREDITS: My top: Addition Elle, Pencil Skirt: Voluptuous, Shoes: Torrid  Ashley’s Dress: Vivienne Westwood  (on sale – also VW apparently carries dresses in up to a size 3X)

Thanks to my new friend Diana from Dare Magazine for taking my picture with Ms. Graham

An Evening With Ashley Graham Pt. 1

An Evening With Ashley Graham Pt. 1

Alright friends!  It happened!  I met Ashley Graham and it was in a word AWESOME!  Because the evening was so awesome I’m going to make this a two parter!  You can thank me later. Curves & Cake isn’t my only … Continue reading