Throwback Thursday: Olympic Fever

Four years ago I was lucky enough to working in Whistler, BC .  I was booking talent and buying nachos and beers for Olympic Athletes.  This was probably the best time in my career!  




This  was a surprise encounter.  The Queen was on vacay and off to hit the slopes.  You would never think that given what we do, my co-workers and I would be use to seeing celebrities!  We fangirled sooo hard!

TBT – Teen swag


Way back in the day I thought I was really cool.  I don’t remember where I bought this dress but I’m pretty sure the store was in a mall.  I thought the dress was the best thing ever and I still own it!  It’s a size 6!  I have no words for the sweet sweet side swept leisure curl.  I have to pour one out for my mom who had professional portraits taken.


I totally envy girls with great accessories!  I wish I could rock trendy styles everyday without issue. Sadly, I have sensitive skin, so I wear silver and gold most of the time.   This brings me to my favourite accessory that doesn’t have to be silver or gold!  My hair!

I like changing my hair up and, while people don’t notice a couple of inches, last summer I thought I would do something drastic. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to go short and light brown and with blonde highlights.  Bad idea.  As much as I tried I couldn’t get down with it.  I even went to my friend’s wedding with this hair so now there is evidence.

Hair by: Nyiah Salon and Spa , Dress from Voluptuous Clothing  Bangles from Lane Bryant Silver Ball Earings from Tiffany & Co.