Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant


 Last night I watched the new Isabel Toledo collection for Lane Bryant, go down the runway, and  I think I’ve reached the age where I have a true appreciation for the sophisticated.  Just about everything I saw, I actually saw myself wearing these clothes and I was surprised.  There was a time when the only time I wore something remotely fancy was to a wedding or a funeral and both were few and far between. Now I’m watching this gorgeous collection thinking, I can wear that to work, that to dinner and that to a patio! What I really liked about the collection was that it was clean.  Floral’s were kept to a minimum and the color palette was pretty much, black and white, my favourite!  I can’t wait to start shopping.

If you didn’t catch the show.  Check the link below.  Let me know what you think about the collection in the comments.  Special shout out to all  the models, including my fave Ashley Graham, and especially the one that fell multiple times during her walk.  It was nice to see all of her fellow models come to help her getting back to the end of the runway.

Isabel Toledo For Lane Bryant




Bye Bye Winter



I know it’s not Throwback Thursday but I thought I should take a moment to say a very fond farewell to winter.  In case you didn’t know it’s the last full day of winter and I for one am more than happy to go without the polar vortex, frost quakes and ice storms.  So long, winter!  I won’t miss you.


Here are some pics I took during our ice storm.  I was colder than cold but just about the prettiest thing I had ever seen!



Throwback Thursday: Olympic Fever

Four years ago I was lucky enough to working in Whistler, BC .  I was booking talent and buying nachos and beers for Olympic Athletes.  This was probably the best time in my career!  




This  was a surprise encounter.  The Queen was on vacay and off to hit the slopes.  You would never think that given what we do, my co-workers and I would be use to seeing celebrities!  We fangirled sooo hard!

Look Of The Day: New Year Sparkle


Hi Friends!

Happy New Year!

 This one is a little late but oh well!  Let’s just say I had a really good time on New Years!  I am not paying for it with the cold from hell.  New Years Eve was all about the sparkle for me this year. I didn’t go anywhere special, just a couple of house parties, but I wanted the bling so I mixed my sparkle.  What do you think?  Too much?



Special thanks to my drunk friend who snapped this picture for me.   Happy New Year Everyone!

CLOTHING CREDITS:  Top fr: Addition Elle Skirt fr:  Laura Tights fr: Hue